The Executive’s Guide to ESG: Social

We hope you enjoyed the “Elevate” podcast last week. We enjoyed being a part of the Water, Recycle and Reuse discussion, which included ESG. Thank you to the amazing hosts, Sean McCoy, and Eric Johnson. If you haven’t listened to it yet, go do so!

Two weeks ago, we launched this blog with our first installment of “The Executive’s Guide to ESG”. That first post focused on the “E” – environmental. This week we’re back to the Executive Guide to ESG series, with this post focusing on the Social commitment.

The Executive’s Guide to ESG: Social

Social concerns are a large part of our ESG initiatives. We’re asked to conserve precious water resources for the benefit of people, communities, and businesses.

Working to engage with the community – giving back and volunteering – as well as participating in economic development, is part of who we are.

Social Results to Date

Our employees are the biggest part of what we do. We couldn’t be prouder of their accomplishments, hard work, and determination as well as their commitment to health and safety. In fact, because health and safety are their top priorities, we are able achieve goals such as:

  • A current Total Recordable Injury Rate (TRIR) of ZERO
  • 43,000,000 barrels moved without a recordable spill
  • 557,061 total man hours worked without a recordable.

We give back to employees with professional development programs as well as proactive and comprehensive training. Their backgrounds and diversity make us proud of our inclusion and equity guidelines and initiatives.

In addition, we are supporters of our community, participating in events that raise funds for kids, schools, law enforcement and other charitable needs.

We are focused on advancing all facets of ESG compliance within our company as well as our clients, contractors, and vendors. We ensure that we meet or exceed all relevant health, safety and environmental (HS&E) laws and regulations and that we don’t compromise our focus on HS&E for better business results.

In short, we hold everyone to the same high safety standard to ensure that our clients and the environment stay safe.

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