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Water from the Desert
Water from the Desert
Water from the Desert
Water from the Desert
Water from the Desert
Water from the Desert
XRI Wins Its Second, Consecutive Hart Energy ESG Award

September 7, 2023

XRI Wins 2nd Consecutive ESG Award

Hart Energy recognized XRI for its achievements in the Private Midstream category at the 2023 ESG Conference. The company earned top ratings for advancements made in sustainability, community engagement, and workplace culture.

XRI Shares its Vision for Growth

June 29, 2023

XRI Shares its Vision for Growth

Hart Energy LIVE interviews John Durand about the past and future of industrial water management and additional opportunities to treat water, including environmental remediation, green hydrogen, and beneficial reuse.

10-year MRT article

February 7, 2023

XRI Marks 10 Years With Focus On Advancing Water Reuse

XRI Holdings is celebrating a milestone not many companies reach – its 10th anniversary.
Both the water management and energy industries have evolved significantly in the 10 years since XRI opened its doors.

10-year anniversary announcement

January 24, 2023

XRI Celebrating 10 Years Of Leading Industry’s Evolution, Innovation, And Sustainability

Water midstream company continues to provide forward-looking solutions that are environmentally sustainable to the oil and gas industry while building upon its culture of stewardship, unsurpassed excellence in safety standards, and implementation of innovative technologies.

Inside Climate News Article

December 29, 2022

Fracking Waste Gets a Second Look to Ease Looming West Texas Water Shortage

Written and first published by Dylan Baddour, Texas Correspondent for Inside Climate News.

Aquifers beneath the Permian Basin are slowly running out. Recycling “produced water” should help to slow the decline.

MRT Pipeline Article

December 14, 2022

XRI Holdings Announces Large-Scale Water Infrastructure Network

Written by Mella McEwen, Oil Reporter for MRT, and first published by Midland Reporter-Telegram.

Multiple water-related issues are being addressed as XRI Holdings constructs its Evolution Pipeline System in the Midland Basin.

Evolution Pipelin4

December 1, 2022

XRI Announces the Evolution Pipeline System, Boosts Produced Water Recycling and Disposal Capacity in Permian Basin

XRI Holdings, LLC, the largest water recycling company in the Permian Basin, has commenced construction of its Evolution Pipeline System. The System addresses and mitigates risks from produced water disposal activity in seismically sensitive areas throughout the Midland Basin.

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About Us

Established in 2013 and headquartered in Houston, TX, XRI is the leading full-cycle water management and produced water midstream company with advanced water treatment technologies and recycling frameworks. XRI is revolutionizing the water midstream industry by focusing on the recycling of produced water, reducing industry reliance on potable water sources, and by engaging in and providing ESG-focused solutions for the benefit of all stakeholders. XRI is a portfolio company of Morgan Stanley Energy Partners.

Sustainable Solutions

Recycling and Reuse

Integrated recycling facilities to repurpose produced water via owned pipeline networks.

Responsible Water Sourcing

Integration of non-potable groundwater sources to augment treated produced water for supply to E&P customers.

Produced Water Take-away and Flowback

Contracted take-away from leading independents under long-term contracts; integrated flowback services and sand management.

Integrated Disposal Capacity

Developing saltwater disposal wells strategically integrated with broad infrastructure network.

Leading Initiatives Since 2013

Environmental, Social and Corporate Governance

XRI was founded on the tenets of conservation of water resources, environmental sustainability, employee health and safety and corporate stewardship. Our ESG responsibility is to provide full cycle water management solutions to the industry’s leading companies in the safest, most efficient and environmentally responsible manner possible.  Our unwavering commitment – since 2013 – is to conserve precious water resources for the benefit of people, communities and businesses.

Safety first

Our commitment to safety

At XRI, nothing is of greater importance than safety. Safety at XRI is founded upon the concept that every person is a safety officer, empowered to recognize and correct any unsafe actions that affect themselves and others. Underpinning this principle is a robust and formal corporate process, led by senior management, that relies on the development and enforcement of detailed policies and procedures.

Matt Gabriel

Founder & Chief Executive Officer

Chris Harich

Chief Operations Officer

Brendan Ederle

Chief Financial Officer

Patrick Troy

Chief Growth Officer