Sustainable Solutions

We serve our customers

Recycling and Reuse

We work with our customers to customize sustainable solutions

XRI acquired Fountain Quail in 2019 to form its treatment and recycling division. Together, we have taken Fountain Quail’s rich history and experience combined with XRI’s operational discipline and technical savvy to produce one of the top wastewater treatment and recycling teams in the industry that provides sustainable solutions. Our experience began with the shale revolution in the early 2000s. Through industry ups and downs over two decades, our team has continued to evolve while treating hundreds of millions of barrels.

We believe we are setting the pace for the industry transition from fresh water to recycled produced water for its hydraulic fracturing needs. We have done this by focusing on the following priorities:

  • Operating with a low TRIR (0.0) while investing in environmental stewardship measures, such as putting every treatment site on containment and using fused poly pipe for our rigups
  • Establishing high standards for integrity and communication with our customers
  • Introducing treated produced fluid from our recycling facilities to our 350 miles of buried pipeline we use to deliver frac fluid to our customers
  • Driving down operational costs through chemical innovations, automation, and by reaching great scale with our partners through
    infrastructure investment
  • Connecting the largest produced water gathering companies to recycling opportunities through our customer network, offering our treatment to ensure high water quality for the end-user


We select treatment equipment and chemical packages on a project-by-project basis to ensure that our engineered treatment solution is optimized for the application.

Responsible Water Sourcing

Sourcing and Development of Non-Potable and Sustainable Water Sources Contributes to Sustainable Solutions

XRI is committed to delivering social and environmental as well as industry-leading benefits to our customers through the use of non-potable sources of water in lieu of fresh water sources. XRI is the industry leader in providing reliable supplies of low-cost, non-potable water to meet our customers’ specific requirements for use in oil and gas operations.

XRI is focused on securing and developing large-scale water sources to serve our customers’ well completion needs. XRI serves our customers by:

Developing non-potable source water wells on fee-owned land and on land controlled through long-term partnerships

Cultivating long-term sourcing agreements with industrial partners

Engineering and building multi-customer Water Exchange Terminals™ to takeaway, treat and return high volumes of water to the wellsite for reuse

Produced Water Take-Away and Flowback

Executing long-term produced water takeaway disposal agreements

We have multi-basin experience providing and executing long-term produced water takeaway disposal agreements. With our extensive experience in the management of and oversight of drilling, operating and disposal assets, we’ll remove the flowback and produced water and store in tanks or pits before treatment or recycling. In addition, we provide integrated flowback services and sand management.

Integrated Disposal Capacity

Disposal is a last resort

While we have the capabilities to develop saltwater disposal wells strategically integrated with our broad infrastructure network, we consider disposal a last resort. We prefer to not dispose of it by injecting it into deep underground wells, but rather collect large volumes of produced water to treat and deliver back to our customers. If this is not an option, we will safely dispose of it in saltwater disposal wells.