The Executive’s Guide to ESG: Environmental

We’re kicking off our blog with a series called “The Executive’s Guide to ESG”, which reports on environmental, social and governance (ESG) initiatives and how important it is to our industry and others, as we’re seeing discussions at all levels gaining speed.

ESG commitments at XRI are aimed at providing the industry with an environmentally sustainable alternative to the use of potable water for hydraulic fracturing operations.

The Executive’s Guide to ESG: Environmental

Let’s take an in-depth look at Environmental; we’ll look at social and governance in future posts.

Environmental asks us to provide environmentally sustainable alternatives and results to the industry and community. We are doing this by protecting fresh water, which has been our goal since we started. Moving the O&G industry off fresh water saves it for use by communities, agriculture, and other industries. Reusing water saves the public water supply so that when you turn your tap on, water comes out.

In addition, recycling produced water equals long-term sustainability. To that end, we have over 350 miles of buried water pipeline, which provides sustainability and safety benefits to the community:

  • Allows us to reuse, recycle and deploy more equipment and technology to satisfy growth.
  • Prevent CO₂ emissions, which equals approximately 2,875,000 truckloads avoided each year.

Environmental Results To Date

2021 has brought new industry focus on ESG tracking, reviewing, and disclosing data.

At XRI, we strive to better our results every day. In addition to preventing CO₂ emissions we’re currently saving 225,000,000 barrels of freshwater and 180,000,000 barrels of wastewater from being reinjected – on an annual basis.

With 5 – 7x industry growth of water use alone in the last several years for completions, our charge is straightforward and steadfast.

Protecting fresh water – aquifers, community drinking water and agriculture; Reusing water – saving aquifers and the public water supply: These are the environmentally responsible and right things to do.

Finally, by focusing on recycling produced water, we will achieve long-term sustainability. Perhaps there will be no need to keep drilling wells because we can reuse, recycle, and deploy more equipment and technology to satisfy the growth in the Permian Basin.

ESG: Environmental
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