The Produced Water Conundrum Grows Across Unconventionals

In the recent article about the produced water conundrum growing across unconventionals, Dr. Chris Harich shared his insight as to what XRI is doing to help solve this issue.


XRI is a water management firm with a Permian focus. The company’s water-handling capacity is 1.8 million B/D as it heads into 2022. Those scaling efforts are driving efficiencies in chemistry and logistics, resulting in cost savings. However, one cost that is on the rise is fuel, which is currently three to four times more expensive than electricity.

“Diesel fuel is climbing rapidly and the one way that we’re combating that is through electrification,” said Chris Harich, chief operating officer at XRI. “We’re moving as fast as we can trying to electrify pumps or electrify sites. That will help drive costs down as well.”

The company currently is constructing three new facilities in the Delaware Basin and one in the Midland Basin. Once completed, those facilities will add 300,000 B/D of water-recycling capacity in the Delaware and 150,000 B/D in the Midland.

XRI has focused on keeping its assets mobile. Like drill rigs or pressure pumpers, they move to where the jobs are and are working to achieve a 48-hour mobilization window. Most of these recycling units are rated for 100,000 BPWD. If more capacity is needed, units are run in parallel with quick mobility response to new sites.

The article was first published by JPT on January 1, 2022 and can be read here.

produced water conundrum
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