Our Story: The Way of Water

XRI’s “Way of Water” story to date. Our numbers grow daily. More to come as we continue leading the water management industry with our expertise, science and innovation.


XRI is the leading full-cycle water management company, bringing deep expertise and industry-leading water solutions.


  • Large-scale water treatment.
  • Produced water reuse.
  • Recycling facilities.

More details:

  • Water treatment and recycling.
  • Water sourcing and blending.
  • Water pipeline infrastructure networks.
  • Produced water takeaway.
  • Water Exchange Terminals™
  • Integrated disposal.

As the largest water recycler in the Permian Basin, and an ESG Top Performer, 90% of our water is recycled.

XRI handles approximately 1.3MM barrels of water per day, and saves over 400MM barrels of freshwater aquifers per year. (And these numbers continue to grow!)

We can realize (and are doing so) a more sustainable water solution with midstream infrastructure.

Being one of the first movers, we concentrated on infrastructure and then expanded, bringing more produced and recycled produced water into our system.

We’re taking produced water which would have been waste from one customer, treating it, cleaning it up, reusing it, and giving it to another customer down the line.

We’re not only protecting freshwater aquifers and rescuing resources, we’re driving value to the customer, from a dollar perspective, conserving the water supply, and saving people money.

By introducing more and more customers to reused water, we’re bringing more customers together and helping the whole oil & gas community become better environmental stewards to satisfy the growth we see in the Permian Basin.

Our Story: The Way of Water
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