Are You Tied Into ESG Reporting and Discussions With Your Customers?

XRI’s COO, Dr. Chris Harich answers this ESG reporting question during his panel appearance at the 2022 Oilfield Water Markets Conference.

Dr. Chris Harich answers the ESG reporting question regarding customers.


For us at XRI, you know, ESG just kind of came out of COVID right. We, we won last year, a Hart award for being the largest private midstream operator that, that was operating under the ESG framework.

For us again, it was, it was all driven behind how do we save the customers money? How do we drive more value to the customers than they pay us for one of the ways to do it was recycle. Right? And so when we set out to recycle 250 million barrels this year, it was driven by economics.

We’re able to sell that water right now with just technology, chemistry. However we approach it, we’re able to sell that water cheaper than we could groundwater.

You know, we started off in the brackish groundwater industry, moving it through all of our 400 miles of pipeline. That’s changed. So when we get gear and stuff and the proper men in place to start recycling that produced water, instead of producing it down the ground, we’re able to drive that value and share it to the customers. So, you get more data that way, when you can sell a recycled barrel cheaper than you can a groundwater barrel, people are gonna navigate that way. Right. And it’s only been through midstream infrastructure that we’ve been able to pull that off.

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