barrels moved without a recordable spill
barrel operational capacity per day

Saving over 460M barrels per year of freshwater aquifers

XRI is on track to conserve 200% of Midland’s annual water consumption

Midland’s 200% is equal to El Paso and Oklahoma City’s 1.1B gallons of freshwater savings

Managing 1.4M barrels of water per day

On track to recycle more than 365M barrels of water in the Permian Basin

Preventing over 365M barrels of wastewater from being reinjected

Avoiding 250,000 metric tons of CO2 per year

Proactive member of industry, governmental and regulatory associations

barrels of recycled, produced water per day


Current Total Recordable Injury Rate (TRIR)
10 .00
3-year average TRIR

Community and volunteerism Oilfield Helping Hands, Midland College PPDC, United Way of Midland, Keep Midland Beautiful and UTPB

Employee-focused professional development initiatives

Diversity, inclusion and equity initiatives

Proactive and comprehensive employee training


Robust positions on anti-bribery

Transparent accounting

Low debt balances

Best fair practices include open bid sourcing on projects

Corporate culture / code of conduct ensuring the highest level of business ethics

Executive advocacy and commitment to sector leadership

Governance of sustainability initiatives