XRI’s President, John Durand, Joins Energy ESG Council’s Board of Directors

XRI’s President, John Durand, Joins Energy ESG Council’s Board of Directors

HOUSTON, Mar. 17, 2021 – John Durand, President of XRI, has joined a group of leaders representing the Upstream, Midstream and Downstream sectors of the Energy industry – the Energy ESG Council (EESGC) – whose mission is to educate all stakeholders on the material attributes that point to greater sustainability and long-term viability of companies in the energy industry.

Durand’s experience and expertise will contribute to EESGC’s non-profit work to integrate all material stakeholder perspectives around Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) attributes deemed material and to establish a pragmatic and actionable “ESG” disclosure framework.

“It’s an honor,” stated Durand. “To be a part of the Council itself is exciting, and I’m looking forward to help lead the ESG conversation. One of the five beliefs of EESGC is creating a comprehensive disclosure framework that is material, transparent, specific to the Energy sector, and mutually beneficial to all stakeholders. Making this possible is going to be huge step forward in helping everyone report on their specific ESG initiatives.”

XRI has been providing the industry with an environmentally sustainable alternative to the use of potable water for hydraulic fracturing operations since 2013.

About XRI

Headquartered in Houston, TX, XRI is the leading full-cycle water management and produced water midstream company with advanced water treatment technologies and recycling frameworks. XRI operates over 300 miles of permanent, large-diameter pipelines, with an aggregated system capacity to run approximately 1,000,000 barrels per day. XRI is revolutionizing the water midstream industry by focusing on the recycling of produced water, reducing industry reliance on saltwater disposal and potable water sources, and by engaging in and providing ESG-focused solutions for the benefit of all stakeholders. XRI is a portfolio company of Morgan Stanley Energy Partners. For more information, please visit xrifq.com.

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