XRI’s John Durand Presents to the DOE-Sponsored Virtual Summit on Produced Water Infrastructure and Innovation

On October 27, 2020, XRI President John Durand represented the water midstream industry by presenting to the Department of Energy’s Virtual Summit on Produced Water and Innovation. The summit was sponsored by the DOE in coordination with the White House Office of American Innovation, the Office of Science and Technology Policy and the Council on Environmental Quality.

The summit focused on the future of water infrastructure and innovation in the United States as well as the role of DOE and other federal agencies in supporting research and invention to achieve a more water-secure future. The two-day summit featured plenary talks and speakers from federal agencies and industry leadership.

Durand stated, “It is vital that agencies on the federal, state and local levels recognize the commitment of the domestic oil and gas industry as a whole in providing safe, clean and reliable energy across the United States as well as internationally and I believe this summit reinforces that.” Durand added, “It is an honor to be presented the opportunity to participate in this summit representing the common interests of the DOE and their federal agency colleagues, the energy industry as a whole, the water midstream sector and XRI.”

Durand continued, “I am extremely proud of the fact that XRI, since its inception in 2013, has been intently focused on water solutions for our customers that achieve resource preservation and underscore the Company’s steadfast commitment to social and environmental stewardship. XRI is an industry leader in produced water infrastructure, treatment and recycling with a unique set of assets enabling our client companies the ability to meet their environmental, societal and governance (ESG) standards through large-scale recycling and utilization of produced water.”

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