Listen to XRI’s Matt Gabriel on Journey to the ENERGY C-SUITE Podcast

Listen to XRI’s Matt Gabriel, CEO, share his experiences with “Journey to the ENERGY C-SUITE” host Ryan Sanford.

Matt talks about his career pivot from attorney to entrepreneur. This includes putting together leadership teams, and leading XRI through a strategic shift. In addition, he talks about his early days running snow cone stands and brokering baseball cards.

Journey to the ENERGY C-SUITE podcast


Ryan Sanford:    Well, very cool. And, again, congratulations to you and the entire team at XRI, because a lot goes into to being recognized in an award like that. And, you know, before we get into some of the, some of the things going on at XRI, now I want to get, I wanna go back a little bit when you and I spoke before, you’ve got a really interesting career path. You know, we’re always talking about the journey of the leader. It’s never the same. And, you know, you started as an attorney in your career, then you made the pivot later on to entrepreneurship and running your own businesses. So help me understand a little bit about what that was like for you making that pivot from working as an attorney to going to the business world.

Matt Gabriel:     Usually following the reference of attorney are the jokes and such, but you know, this is the story. These are the conversations I most enjoy having. I mean, it’s fun to talk about the company and what we’re doing, and we find most of the time, right during the work week, that’s what we’re focused on, but I started my career as an attorney. I spent my legal career at Kirkland and Ellis, which is a big flagship brand name for corporate law. I was based in the Chicago office. I love the Peter Thiel quote, you know, he started his career in law as well. And he realized after nine months, it was as simple as just walking out the door to try new things.

Journey to the ENERGY C-SUITE is an OGGN podcast. This podcast originally aired on December 13, 2021.

Listen to XRI's Matt Gabriel
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