John R. Durand, XRI President, Analyzes How the Path Carved by Conventional Midstream Paves the Way for Growth and Sustainability in the Water Midstream Industry

The rapid emergence of the water midstream sector has resulted in explosive and transformative growth in a relatively short period of time. This evolution is not surprising given the critical importance that sound and comprehensive water management practices play in extracting a valuable resource in the safest, most environmentally conscious and cost-effective manner possible. 

Likewise, it is just as critical that we, as a collective industry, consider the historical lessons to be learned from the recent past in maintaining and accelerating the present growth trajectory of the sector. 

This article is intended to provide insight as to how the industry can methodically and logically work with all stakeholders to ensure sustainability of the industry. Given the transformation of the energy industry since the advent of the shale play revolution fifteen years ago, we should consider ourselves blessed. Blessed because we work in an industry that provides such incredible benefit and value to essentially every human who inhabits the globe.

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