Douglas A. Park, XRI’s SVP of Corporate Development, Describes University Lands’ (UL) Full Cycle Water Management Program Noting Fountain Quail Water Management’s Selection as a UL Preferred Water Management Provider

Shale Play Water Management Magazine

University Lands (UL) is developing a program to facilitate full cycle water management on its oil and gas leases. This effort is intended to create an enhanced economic environment for exploration and production (E&P) companies operating on those lands.

The initial scope of the program considered how to optimize the sales of fresh and brackish water. However, the scope was expanded in order to achieve the overall objectives of UL: encourage and accommodate all E&P operators on UL leases to maximize drilling and completion (D&C) activity through full cycle water management initiatives. Ultimately, these efforts are intended to create an economic drilling, completion and production environment on UL acreage that provides optimal financial results to attract maximum activity.

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