Measuring ESG: Environmental

Measuring ESG for reporting purposes is officially upon us. After developing and implementing Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) initiatives, companies of all sizes are being held accountable for reporting their progress.

It’s not an easy job. There are official definitions but there is still quite a bit of space to navigate. (You can learn more by reading our “Executive’s Guide to ESG” series here, here and here.)

For example, we define Environmental as “providing environmentally sustainable alternatives and results to the industry and community.” Items such as:

– Resource conservation
– Emissions reduction
– Regulation compliance
– EH&S record.

Overall, our charge is straightforward and steadfast: Protect fresh water. Moving the O&G industry off of fresh water, saving it for use by communities and agriculture industries. Now, we have to show we’re doing that in an environmentally responsible way.

Tracking and measuring performance means setting goals. To achieve those goals, you have to set standards. Once you set those standards, you have to communicate them. Most importantly, you have to ensure your teams understand and embrace those standards. When that happens, you can achieve goals and measure them.

We’ve been sharing our measured achievements out on LinkedIn, and now we’re able to put them together in their respective categories. Today we share our environmental performance to date via the graphic below.

measuring esg
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