Celebrating National Intern Day 2021

We’re celebrating National Intern Day 2021! All week long we’ve been sharing videos of our interns. In their own words, they describe what they learned and/or liked best about being at XRI.

If you didn’t see the LinkedIn posts, you can view these vignettes on our website at these links:

Some key highlights from their respective experiences include:

  • Learning by working on a variety of projects that came through the engineering department. Each project had a different challenge, which meant their practical field experience grew immensely.
  • Transitioning from education to practice was streamlined. By actually doing the work, they were able to connect dots that they hadn’t seen before.
  • Working at XRI means being hands-on. Seeing the classroom knowledge applied in the field itself expanded their overall education, preparing them for their next steps.

Overall, the main theme each one shared was that they were very welcome at XRI. The team was inviting, supportive, friendly, and always ready to to answer questions.

The sense of community and support from everyone helped them grow as both professionals and engineers.

As we celebrate national intern day, we wish Ankit, Rey and Sarah all the best in their next chapters, and ask them to stay in touch!

national intern day 2021
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